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    In the brand new Windows 10 updates are not only downloaded from Microsoft servers, but other windows 10 desktops in the entire world. This of course is enabled by default. The bigger problem is if you are running windows 10 you will also share your updates with other people on your local network and internet by default. Thus using your bandwidth so Microsoft doesn't have to distribute as many updates. This can a problem for gamers who don't want to suddenly have there connection smacked around for uploading a windows update.

    Here is how to disable it at least for the Internet, it is probably for the best leaving it running on the local network, unless you are going to a lot of public internet spots.

    As an added bonus for those people whom do run often on public internet I do show how to completely disable update sharing at the far bottom.

    1. Click start and the settings.

    2. Scroll down and select Update & Security.

    3. Under the Windows Update tab select Advanced options.

    4. Select Choose how updates are delivered.
    5. Now finally change it so that only updates will be delivered to your local network.
      1. Close windows and you are done!

    However, if you want to fully disable all update sharing you can also select at step 5 to turn off all sharing with other devices. Simple click the on button to off. Though this may fully disable updates from other PCs and Microsoft as well, the wording is vague at best on this part.

    Hope that helps!
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