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    I. Background
    I was permamuted a year or two ago for being annoying on mic and I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have been given to reflect on my actions. In these days since The Mute, I have spent nearly every waking hour thinking about the series of events that led to my situation. I truly have been tortured by my own actions. Of course, I knew that I was being annoying in the video game, but I did not understand the underlying factors that guided both my actions and the actions of the muter. In reality, the mute was not punishment for my ingame conduct; it was a consequence of my gross oversimplification of the world around me. Really, there are three core reasons that I was muted: the fragility of my soul, the weakness of my mind, and the righteousness of the G.S.N. administration. These reasons are discussed further in the following sections.
    II. Fragility of the Soul
    "Clearly," you scoff, "your soul is fragile. It is overwhelmingly clear based on your prior actions and the way you came crawling back, begging for forgiveness." Perhaps, but it is necessary to dissect how exactly my soul's fragility came to be, and how it has affected me if we are to come to an agreement on this unmute appeal. My soul has been fragile for as long as I can remember. Of course, I wasn't always aware of this, but even as a child, I knew that I has a weak soul. It was clear from the way that I failed to bully kids in elementary school, or from the way that I spent my time volunteering at animal shelters as a teen. I knew that I had a fragile essence by the way that I donated a majority of my income to charity, and the way that I let homeless people live in my apartment, which was already quite small as it is (because my income went to charity). Yes, it is clear that my soul is fundamentally weak. That is not why I was muted, but it led to a series of poor decisions that ended in The Mute. See, a weak soul produces foolish impulses. My actions that led to The Mute--my loud and annoying behavior--were borne from my soul. It was my weak soul that drove me to commit these actions, and though my heart knew they were wrong, my soul pushed on nonetheless. Now I cannot promise that my soul has changed. It is impossible to alter the disposition of one's soul. Trust me, if it were possible, I would do it in a heartbeat. What I have learned in this time since The Mute, however, is that I can dampen the thrashing of my fragile soul using the power of my mind.
    III. Weakness of the Mind
    Before, I was a weak-minded fool. I was a quack, a scoundrel, a fiend. But I am no longer that man. I have sharpened my mind to a point, and I am fully prepared to handle the responsibility of ingame communication. How did I accomplish this? When I was muted, I took a week to think about my actions. You know that I came to conclusions about my soul, its weakness, and the absoluteness of that weakness. But I also vowed to control that weakness. At that point, I wasn't sure how. I tried to strengthen my heart by doing cardio, I had multiple surgeries in the hopes that my liver was the container of my soul and that if I encased my liver in aluminium it would block negative frequencies from my soul, and I bought many pets, thinking that the organic infrared radiation from their bodies would warm my soul to sleep. None of these techniques were successful, and I knew they were just distractions, preventing me from reaching the conclusion that I most feared: that my mind was the problem. No longer! I have spent the past months developing my intellectual and spiritual attributes, and I now possess the strongest mind that my feeble body can handle. My brain bulges out of my ears. It is an iron cage, encasing the negative impulses that my fragile soul radiates, and trapping that radiation forever. Never again will a ray of negativity escape my mind. It is physically impossible. My mind is a machine, and it cannot be stopped.
    IV. Righteousness of the G.S.N. Administration
    When The Mute occurred, I was furious at The Man, the faceless authority that had caged the rabid beast inside of me. I was hurt and I was angry. I had a list of G.S.N. admins taped to my mirror, and every day I would draw a gun or a sword pointed toward the list of names. I had a dartboard that had drawings of what I assumed G.S.N. admins looked like (stick figures), For this I am truly sorry. It was all an illusion. The admin who muted me was completely in their right, and they had a responsibility to stop me (a menace) from ruining the experience of others with my annoying and immature exclamations. I say this with complete sincerity. I respect the decision to mute me and I know that it was, indeed, righteous.
    V. Conclusion
    I believe that I have been adequately punished for my crimes and I know that in the future I will conduct myself with maturity and responsibility. I have and will continue to repent for my actions. Regardless of whether or not my appeal is approved, I will continue to attend church every Sunday and I will love my neighbor as I love myself. I truly hope that you may consider my comments, and that you understand that I have grown as an individual. Thank you for your consideration.
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    Ive already spoken to him about this and I do agree that he should be silenced, I also believe that he should be put on a 3 strike system in order to prevent his repeated offense.
  3. Xhefos

    Xhefos (G-S.N) Admin

    It has been decided that your un-silence request has been approved.

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