Fact Finding... Unmute, Ungag Request/Apology.

Discussion in 'Bans / Unbans' started by Business-D!nK, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Business-D!nK

    Business-D!nK New Member

    To all,
    I was perma-muted/gagged from this community around a year or 2 ago, (a community I would very much like to be a part of). This was because I was rude and mic spammed. I spammed lenny faces, was rude to staff, played annoying music over the mic (something I am physically incapable of doing now)and other things. I want to be funny which didn't work it was my bad attempt of making people like me. I was warned many times and yet I did not listen. I was a different person back then going through a lot of different and my toxicity was an outlet and result of this. I apologise for this sincerelly. I acted completely immaturely and looking back on it I know what I did was stupid and have learned from this. I kind of don't mind what the response is to this. Hopefully this message is approved but regardless, I want to apologise to everyone for the way I conducted myself at these times and assure that it won't happen in the future. I can understand if this is rejected but hopefully I may be given a final chance.
    My steam ID is as follows:
    Kind Regards,
  2. Holdfish

    Holdfish (G-S.N) Admin

  3. CrackuhJax

    CrackuhJax Retired (G-S.N) Admin

    I'd like to point out he got perma silenced 8 months ago, not a "year or two ago"

    It's not my decision, but back when I played and you were there, you were INCREDIBLY toxic. You received multiple warnings from me and other staff members, as well from just regular players that wanted you to stop. You were a toxic, rude, instigating, drama seeking, trouble maker. And you were a problem from literally the day I met you. Have you changed for the better? Maybe. Do you deserve to be unsilenced after everything you've done? Personally I don't think so, but it's not up to me.
    Just my 2 cents.
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  4. BusinessDink

    BusinessDink New Member

    To @CrackuhJax ,
    I know I caused you a great deal of trouble and annoyance and I apologize for that sincerely, was it 8 months I forgot I honestly haven't even played tf2 pretty much since I got muted/gaged. I've been playing Overwatch. Although it would be really cool to be able to occasionally play with you guys on this server my main point was to apologize for being a jerk. I remember irritating you and Hunni the most, which was not one of my best moments haha.
    Thanks for reading regardless.
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  5. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    I never really had any encounters with you being a nuisance. Maybe you were on your good behavior when I was on at the same time as you. The most I did was hear complaints from our other admins and extended your silence to permament. If I remember correctly, @Flashbackmaniac had a lot of things to say about you breaking the rules and as stated above, Crack had problems with you as well. If everyone else agrees to have you unsilenced, I will remove it but from what I heard about you in the past your attitude was persistent in trying to cause trouble.

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