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    One of the common problems with tf2, is that one server can use the exact same file name as another server. This causes massive issues, which is why GSN began to implement custom naming on all maps. However, this doesn't apply to models and other types of media which can lead to issues. The best way to resolve this is to delete all of your downloads on your client and rejoin the server to have a fresh copy downloaded to your client!

    Lets begin.
    1. Make sure steam is launched and make sure tf2 is closed.
    2. Open your steam library and find tf2.
    3. Right click Team Fortress 2, and select properties. [​IMG]
    4. Select Local Files tab, and then click Browse Local Files....[​IMG]
    5. Windows Explorer should open, open the tf folder. [​IMG]
    6. Then open the downloads folder. [​IMG]
    7. Now CTRL + A in that folder to select all, and right click while holding CTRL and select Delete. You should now have an empty folder! [​IMG]
    8. Now launch tf2 and join your favorite server. All needed files will be downloaded fresh from the server.

    Hope that helps!

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