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    ServerStatus has a great functionality to alert you of high load on your servers. As of pull/index.php version 1.1a and up we have this feature enabled. You will need the mail setup active on your uptime monitoring server to gain the benefits of this feature.

    To enable load alerts for a server :
    1. Edit includes/config.php.
    2. Find the server array you wish to monitor for high load.
    3. Add to the servers array ['maxload'] => <max load number> i.e.
       $servers[]= array('url' => '', .... 'maxload' => 10.2);
    4. And you are ready to go.
    This system will send you two emails. One that you have reached a critical load, and second that the load has returned to normal levels. The process will not continue to alert you about critical load as long as you are in the critical load threshold. Once it returns to normal again the system resets and begins watching for critical load to alert you on.

    If you do not wish to have load alerts for a server, remove the ['maxload'] key from the array of that server. ServerStatus is built to only alert for servers that have maxload set.

    If you do not watch uptime all the time, we suggest for best results that you run live.php to continually monitor your servers.


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