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  1. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    • Respect all players, including admins.
    • Have fun and enjoy the servers.
    • Do not abuse the !calladmin command.
    • No hacking, cheating, or exploiting any part of the map, game, or server.
    • No Racism.
    • No Excessive Profanity.
    • Do not abuse votekick, voteban, votemute, etc.
    • Do not micspam or spam the chat. (This does include bad mics, music, and trade spam).
    • No advertising servers/trades/websites.
    • No malicious links in the chat.
    • No Porn sprays.
    • No impersonating other admins/players.
    • No trolling other players.
    • No stalling.
    • No scamming/sharking.
    • No Harrassment of any kind.
    • Everything under the all servers category.
    • No ghosting or telling the hale where a teammate is if you're alive UNLESS that person is friendly/stalling. This does not apply if a few people remain.
    • No being friendly.
    • Don't be a nuisance towards other players (Like walking in front of a scoped sniper).
    • No point farming.
    • Everything under the all servers category.
    • No taunt killing.
    • ON THE BOT SERVERS: No cqcing the bot in order to kill it or troll other players over and over.
    • Everything under the all servers category.
    • No camping the exit/entrance.
    • No friendlies in the PvP arena.
    • No griefing other players with voice command spam.

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  2. Flashbackmaniac

    Flashbackmaniac (G-S.N) Admin

    An elaboration on "ghosting", from my perspective:

    Continuing off with the ghosting statement from the Vs. Saxton Hale section of the rules...

    DO: (Assuming that there are a few players left*)
    • Encourage the Hale to find useless / friendly / stalling teammate(s).
    • Give subtle hints on said teammates, and ONLY under the above parameters.
    • Inform the Hale on potential exploiters, so that he can shut them down as soon as possible. (If the Hale cannot reach said exploiter(s), contact a staff member.)

    DON'T: (Assuming that the server is reasonably populated*)
    • Repeatedly tell the Hale that X player is at a certain location. (This can come off as annoying. Not to mention, it can also throw off teammates...see point #2 below.)
    • Give away other teammates, with the intent of griefing: I.E. telling where all the Engineers / Snipers are, "there's a Medic out on your left ripe for your picking", etc. (This also falls under being a nuisance, as stated above.)

    Other tidbits:

    • If the last few players finish out the round by Rock-Paper-Scissors, they can do so, but it should be done as quickly as possible.
    • The Hale does not have to accept your RPS request, he has a right to say no too (I.E. a slap to the face).

    * - Subjunctive.
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  3. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    I'm good with updating this in the rules if you want to make a shorter version for it to not take up so much space.

    @Mun ?
  4. Flashbackmaniac

    Flashbackmaniac (G-S.N) Admin

    I would like to add in some elaboration for each of the rules. Given that the majority of the rules stated above are basically "do not do this", I feel like an explanation would help carry the message further. With that being said, here we go with revised rules version three:

    Welcome to Gaming-Servers.net, the Gaming Network that really likes pie and gaming. By connecting to our servers, you agree to adhere to the following rules. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.


    • Respect all players, including staff members.
    This should be self-explanatory, and although quite elementary in nature, it is imperative that you follow it. Treat others how you want to be treated.

    • Have fun, and enjoy the servers.
    This is also self-explanatory. We want you to have fun here, and have a good time. If you enjoyed your stay, consider joining our steam group at: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gaming-server-net.

    • Don't be that player that has us changing the rules to accommodate you.

    • If you are caught cheating / hacking, you will be banned on the spot.
    We want to keep the servers fair for everyone. Those that resort to malicious methods to cheat the system will be dealt with swiftly.

    • If you carry a doubt that your words / messages will insult another player / group, don't say it at all.
    This includes: racial slurs / comments, hate comments, antisemitism, etc.

    • Keep your profanity down to a minimum.
    Profanity tends to contribute towards toxicity between players on a server, so please watch what you say and think before you type. Excessive profanity will result in a warning, then a gag.

    • Do not mic spam / spam the chat. This includes, but is not limited to, bad microphones, music, and trade spam.
    Mic spam uses up bandwidth, which can eat into server resources. Spamming in chat will result in a gag.

    • Do not abuse the call admin command or the vote commands (votekick / voteban / votemute).
    The call admin command is utilized as a means of communication to our Discord channel for staff members to look at when not on the servers. Abuse of this will result in a server ban. In addition, the vote commands are there for cases where a staff member isn't present in order to neutralize a situation. As with the call admin command, abuse of these commands will result in a server ban.

    • Advertising other servers or websites is prohibited.
    Besides, you're better off earning traffic on your server / website than siphoning off players from another.

    • Hidden / Malicious / Shortened links are prohibited.
    ANY link in chat will result in a warning, then a gag.

    • Gore / Porn sprays are prohibited.
    What has been seen, cannot be unseen, especially for younger audiences. Please try to keep this in mind, as getting caught with one of these type of sprays will result in a warning / server ban.

    • Trolling other players, whether through indirect / direct means, is not allowed.
    This includes, but is not limited to: griefing, not contributing to the team, antagonistic, etc.

    • Players engaged in fraudulent activities (scamming / sharking) will be permanently banned.

    • Harassment of ANY kind will result in a server ban.
    At G-S.N, we strive to keep an open community for ALL players. Thus, harassment on anyone that diminishes their gaming experience is not tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.


    This set of rules apply to G-S.N Vs. Saxton Hale servers. All of the rules under the "all servers" category apply to these servers.

    • Stalling the round as Hale is prohibited.
    Your job is to kill the mercenaries (RED team). Although there is no round time limit on our servers, there are dead players spectating that are waiting to play. Prolonging the round will result in warnings that will accumulate into a slay / kick.

    • Stalling / Being useless while on RED is prohibited.
    Teamwork and contribution are necessary traits in order to defeat Hale. Being useless means your team is one less in terms of firepower to fight the Hale. Failure to help your team will result in warnings that will accumulate into a slay / kick / server ban. This includes, but is not limited to: being friendly, hiding in one corner of the map as a certain class (Engineers are excluded if they are with their buildings), exploiting a part of a map where the Hale cannot reach, etc.

    • Ghosting for RED / Hale is prohibited, HOWEVER, the following scenarios are when it is allowed to a limited extent:
      • When there are useless / friendly / stalling teammates.
      • When there are potential exploiters.
      • When Hale is camping in one spot for an extended period of time.
    Ghosting ruins the surprise factor of the Hale being able to swiftly jump in and kill without players noticing. In tandem, ghosting can quickly demolish a team's strategy to defeat the Hale. Those caught ghosting will be issued warnings, then the applicable gags or mutes if the behavior persists.

    • Point farming is prohibited.
    Conclusive evidence of point farming will result in the slay of all involved, with possible server bans.


    This set of rules apply to G-S.N Dodgeball servers. All of the rules under the "all servers" category apply to these servers.

    • Taunt killing is prohibited.

    • Dodgeball Bot servers: do not CQC (close combat) the bot in order to kill it or troll other players over and over.


    This set of rules apply to G-S.N Slender Fortress servers. All of the rules under the "all servers" category apply to these servers.

    • Camping the entrance / exit of a map is prohibited.
    In Slender Fortress, teamwork is key in obtaining the item(s) needed to escape the wrath of the current boss. Failure to contribute will result in warnings that will accumulate to a slay / kick.

    • The PvP arena is meant for...PvP.
    Going friendly in the PvP arena does not guarantee that you will be alive in there. If you do not want to be killed, stay out of the PvP arena.

    • Do not unnecessarily attract the boss to your teammates.
    This counts as trolling under the "all servers" category. While on RED, any noises emitted will attract the boss, particularly towards Medics, as they have a higher priority than other classes. Players caught deliberately causing their teammates to be killed off by the boss will be slain / kicked.
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  5. Question.

    I was wondering if in the future, or something, will there be a rule about religion? Because today it was talked about and everyone got angry.
  6. Flashbackmaniac

    Flashbackmaniac (G-S.N) Admin

    I'm guessing that would go under a "Don't discuss sensitive topics on the server" type of rule. Generally, topics such as gender, religion, political stance, etc. would probably create up some sort of heated argument that can escalate into unpleasantness for both sides. I'm thinking of adding that to the list of rules, along with a few others I've been thinking of. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    How about don't touch sensitive subjects with the intent of baiting/ causing strife ? It's one thing to try and organize a small 10 minute to discuss differences in politics and another to talk about how "Muslims are evil" or something. I have had talks about Christianity and politics that are civil on the servers and that should be separated from this instance, obviously this is should not be something that is a regular occurrence but servers get off the wall in discussions all the time and as long as people are civil why is that bad?
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  8. Your welcome :D

    I would think when someone gets on and starts saying "Hail satan" and "God is dead" then that would be crossing the line? Like I kinda understand about civil discussions, but there is always going to be that person that will cross the line, or bring it up out of no where. It isn't something you should get on a game and start talking about, I think.

    You do have a point though @Chicago_Ben.

    I hope I kinda make since.
  9. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

  10. So yeah I'm not making much since.

    It would be good to keep religious talk off of the server because someone will start a fight which would end up with someone getting banned. Every server I've been on (even the ones I was a admin on) always said "No offensive talk". That's kinda like now genders and religions.

    It's like taking a path to avoid something bad happening, I guess what I can call it.

    Sorry I'm super tired writing it so yeah ik there is going to be a ton of spelling errors pls.
  11. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

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