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    You have a bunch of Proxmox Virtual Environment servers and here you are ready to upgrade them. You run your apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y and yet you wait and wait for its slow mirror to download all the resources you need to your massive deployment of servers. You wish there was a better way to do this! Thankfully there is!

    To solve this issue, let it be for what ever reason you have, you can easily run your own local mirror. We simply need a nginx or other web server, some storage space, and wget.

    First create your linux server using something like debian, and install nginx and vhosts as you so please. Install wget, and run:
    wget -r -np --reject "index.html*" -S -N -c -P proxmox/ -nH --cut-dirs=1
    What this command does is a wget (recursive) on (no parent directory) (reject index.html files) (print headers) (enable time stamping) (contine) (place in directory proxmox/) (removes top level domain folder) (cuts debian domain from root folder).

    Then simply setup a cronjob to run every 72 hours or more to re-run the wget and it should download a new copy of the file if needed. Please note that it does have to go through every file over again, but simply pulls the header info unless a newer file is created.

    Though I don't know if Proxmox will find this abusive or not due to there lack of info on the site, I don't see any problem they would have if you were doing this to serve a large deployment servers on your local LAN. Though I highly suggest that you aren't abusive with it, meaning please don't run the wget more then you need to.

    The current size as of this post is:
    user@server:~/ du -h -d 1 | grep proxmox
    6.7G    ./proxmox

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