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Discussion in 'General' started by Theexplorer25, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Theexplorer25

    Theexplorer25 (G-S.N) Admin

    This thread is to be used as a way for everyone to post which maps from any of the GSN game modes they want added or removed. When posting about a map to remove make sure you use logical reasons on why it should be removed, as well as the map's full name. In concerns to adding a map please link the map you want added along with a few pictures of it (If you can't find any then just ignore this one) and give a brief description of the map. This thread is so that the community can give input on what maps we should remove or add since we know there are plenty of maps that people either wish were and/or weren't there, but don't know which ones they are. Anyone can give their input on someone else's map suggestion, but please do not be rude about it. If the staff agrees with your suggestion we'll discuss removing or adding said map.
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  2. CrackuhJax

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    Can we remove explorer? He's a pretty bad map :/
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  3. Mun

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    vsh@tf2-sjc:~$ cat ~/orangebox/tf/cfg/mapcycle.txt | grep "explorer"
  4. I would say Egyptyspot because its a map that would be like Canyon Raid. It takes 10 minutes to finish a round (If the hale is experienced.) If the hale is new all of the 6-10 snipers will shoot him down every time he gets on the little walkway to get to the island. Plus its extremely hard to catch Soldiers. Since it is a big map they have a big chance that they will not get caught.

    To be honest I would take Canyon Raid over Egyptspot anyway. At least when you play Canyon you have a 50% chance to actually finish the round. With Egyptspot you have a 2% chance (If your new) or a 10% chance (If your experienced.)

    Plus when you go down into the "hidden room" there are people that would love to team kill by pressing the button that activates the spikes.

    In the end its not the best map. People made it popular because they think they will have a chance but its a 93% chance that hale will die. Even the best can fail in that map :I
  5. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    We should remove granary if possible. Snipers use their climbing ability to get up to exploits in which hale cannot superjump to. It's also a well known spot that a lot of people go to. Whenever I'm on and it switches to this map I usually have to slap/slay someone for camping there. I'm sure that plenty of people go to it when an admin isn't on either.
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  6. Mun

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    The problem with using a thread like this, is I have no idea if people support the idea of removing a map. I just see a list of two different maps that want to be removed by two people.

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