@Hunnibear "If we weren't about quality, we would have more than 8 admins"

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Luego, Feb 23, 2017.

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    You do realize that explorer wasn't the one who gagged him, right? You do realize that not every single admin is told about every single gag, mute, or ban, right? You do realize... *shocker* that he was gagged through the website, not on a server so even if explorer was on the server at the time of his gag(which he wasn't) then he wouldn't have known either. Here's another shocker: Some people are busy and we don't expect our admins to know every little detail and every single person WHO HAS BEEN GAGGED OR MUTED ON GSN... WOW!!!! Cause you know, lives and all.

    If you've never been an admin for any server, I don't expect you to understand. Stop trying to cause trouble and just leave already. You're embarrassing. The only thing that needs training here is your brain.

    And I'm sorry but didn't explorer say why he might be gagged right after?

    Here's why I gagged him just for your knowledge if you're capable of any since people seem to wonder in that screenshot:




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    I'm just here to point out the humble brag/ irritation shown by ana by spamming !place :p

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