How to Add (G-S.N) Forum Signatures

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Mun, Aug 15, 2015.

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    So here you want to show off how pro you are on (G-S.N) servers on this lovely forum! Here is how you add a forum signature featuring your rank!

    1. Make sure you are logged into the forums and signed up!
    2. Visit our stats site at
    3. Click "Search" up at the top left. A page like the below should appear.
    4. Search for your name in the search field and then select "Find Now".
    5. A list of users with that name should come up and there game mode that they are associated with. Find yours for the correct game mode and click your name.
    6. Scroll down on your general tab and find the "Forum Signature" Section. Now select all the code starting with
      and right click and select copy.
    7. Now lets go back to this forum and select your name up in the top right. In the drop down there is a item called "Signature" select it.
    8. In the text box right click and paste the code. Select "Preview..." and make sure it is how you like it!
    9. Once you are satisfied, select "Save Changes" and you are good to go!

    As with (G-S.N) each game mode has its own section for ranking. So if you want to have multiple game modes listed simply repeat the steps and add the new forum code at the end of the other code(s).

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    Testing :^)
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    MY DB stats are overpowered

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