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Discussion in 'Server Stuff' started by Mun, May 23, 2014.

  1. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    HLXCE is very much based on Apache still to this day. As such they really don't have a very large community support for nginx. As such I wanted to post a fix for the forum signatures and using .png as the file name.

    First open up your website config that is hosting your stats website, and add this code below.
    location / { rewrite sig-(.*)-(.*).png$ /sig.php?player_id=$1&background=$2 break;}
    Now this assumes hlxce is in the root directory, and not in a subfolder. If it is edit the location as such.
    location /my/directory/path { rewrite sig-(.*)-(.*).png$ /my/directory/path/sig.php?player_id=$1&background=$2 break;}
    Finally reload nginx with
    service nginx reload
    and test.

    Hope that helps.

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