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Discussion in 'General' started by HunniiBear, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    G-S.N Donation System
    Here's a basic donator interface I found for the plugins:

    Donation Perks:
    ~Donator Tag (Dependent on tier level) Example: [Silver] [Gold]
    ~ Special Chat Color
    ~ Ad prevention
    ~ Sprites above head at the end of the round:

    ~ Reserved slots (Second priority. Admins are first priority)
    ~ Takes longer to get kicked by AFK manager
    ~ Class voice pitch changer:
    ~ Access to !pong game

    Donator Tiers:
    (Silver) $3.50: 1 month
    (Gold) $8: 3 months
    (Platinum) $15: 6 months
    (Diamond) $25: 1 year
    (Grand) $75: Permanent

    @Mun ;)
    Post suggestions below if you have any! Preferably more donation perk ideas but all are welcome.
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  2. Lee

    Lee New Member

    Those price ranges holy shit lmao
  3. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    @Lee Hope that's better
  4. CrackuhJax

    CrackuhJax Retired (G-S.N) Admin

    What are the sprites that can be displayed?
  5. Lee

    Lee New Member

    I think you should straight up remove the "grand" one. Tightening it down to like a $40 for permanent, and a $30 maybe for a year would be better imo, would get you more ppl to invest in the year year one, and more people who will just say "$10 is no difference, and jut buy the permanent one. (that is if anyone actually goes as high as these prices for something like this.)
  6. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    @CrackuhJax I'm not sure if this is correct but I believe there's a file in the plugin that has multiple sprites in it we can choose from for donors. Not sure if mun will want to have donators be able to choose their own or have a set one.

    @Lee Yeah, I had 40 dollars as permanent in the beginning as well but then I had a talk with Pie and he explained that if people are actually willing to pay for permanent then 40 is kind of low. If you think about it people might not even buy the 1 year one because most people probably quit TF2/move on to different servers after that time. Permanent is sort of like a thing people will really really really have to want to get it, even at 40 dollars. So if someone wants it that badly, might as well put it up to 75. The grand title is sort of just there for the few amount of people who play on GSN a lot and want to have the perks forever rather than having to pay every so often. Idk if I explained it as well as Pie so I'll ask him to try typing it out again but I hope that makes a little bit of sense.

    Edit: Here's Pie's explanation

    4:59 PM - Pie: basically anything but perm will expire
    4:59 PM - Pie: should they be confident in playing for x amount of years
    4:59 PM - Pie: to make the investment worthwhile
    4:59 PM - Pie: then they would opt for the 75
    4:59 PM - Pie: it's an investment
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  7. Giga_

    Giga_ New Member

    Will there eventually be perks where they are exclusive to certain donation tiers, or will they all be equal? I would personally donate $75 if Grand did have exclusive perks.
  8. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    @Giga_ We decided to just do the tiers as time lengths since we wouldn't have enough perks to think of that would fit the tiers. But if we think of more perks I think we could add them to be exclusive to just the Grand tier. The thing is, there's not many perks to think of that aren't super OP, give donors power, or target inducing(which is why trails aren't in the perks).
  9. Lee

    Lee New Member

    In my opinion if you don't make the "grand" one unique, in the sense that it gives you more, on top of the permanent length, keeping it this expensive won't benefit a lot.
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  10. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    @Lee I'll look into more perk ideas for the grand tier.
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  11. Closed Closet

    Closed Closet New Member

    i remember seeing an old screenshot from like 2012 on the gsn server where it said if you donated you got to choose your hale and set your gravity, that be kinda cool to actually see that
  12. CrackuhJax

    CrackuhJax Retired (G-S.N) Admin

    I feel like that would be way too much. Paying money to choose the hale gives a huge advantage to donators because they would never get a bad hale. And setting your gravity is way too wacky/troll/op. Even if the amount is a pre-determined amount, people would be able to get in spots they shouldn't be in, a long with many other issues that are think are pretty obvious. It's just too much to give just for donating. At least in my opinion.
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  13. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    @Closed Closet That's one of the reasons the donation system from way back was removed. Donators got insane powers like choosing hale/being the only ones who could voteban and votekick. It caused a lot of problems, as expected, which is why Mun removed it. This time around we want to give donators perks that won't be OP or give them a gameplay advantage/any sort of power.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
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