G-S.N Elite Dodgeball Server Sign Ups

Discussion in 'General' started by HunniiBear, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    This form is to let pro dodgeball players sign up to be apart of the G-S.N Elite Dodgeball Server. On this server you will be able to face players up to(or above) your skill level. You should not sign up if you do not have much experience in playing dodgeball so get practicing!

    Sign ups will be closed every other week to encourage players to practice more instead of just signing up when they are not ready.

    Once you sign up you will be added by one of our testers:
    HunniiBear, Nibbler, Orthros, WhiteLightning, or CrackuhJax.

    Answer questions on this form truthfully because it will help us determine your skill level a little bit before testing you:
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  2. Orthros

    Orthros (G-S.N) Admin

    Where is the Elite Server being hosted?
  3. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    Most likely San Jose
  4. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    What is the standard for getting in? Do you have any @HunniiBear ?
  5. ruhahaha

    ruhahaha (G-S.N) Admin

    petition to just ban ben from it plz
    Chicago_Ben likes this.
  6. Phazon

    Phazon Retired (G-S.N) Admin

  7. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    I'll have you know I'm no joke at DB with my .66 KD.
  8. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    Most players in the group can get up to at least 200+ mph rockets @Chicago_Ben
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  9. ruhahaha

    ruhahaha (G-S.N) Admin

    Ben I want to see you play Slender.

    Bring it 1v1.
  10. CrackuhJax

    CrackuhJax Retired (G-S.N) Admin

    You have to participate in at least 1 roleplay session on the DB servers, it doesn't actually require any skill, just a lot of creativity. *blushes*
  11. ruhahaha

    ruhahaha (G-S.N) Admin

  12. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    Fuck I'm at like 130-160 atm.
  13. Voidle

    Voidle New Member

    Yo I get this is a dead thread but can I get white listed on this server?
  14. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    Sign ups are closed for now. They might reopen early May and then you can sign up to get tested for elite but I don't add people to the whitelist on the spot.

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