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Discussion in 'Server Stuff' started by Mun, May 23, 2014.

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    I really do like the new Discourse Forum, but there are some issues, namely spam, and its prevention.

    Really the spam isn't so bad if you stay on top of it, and delete them asap. However, if you don't then you run the horrible possibility that you will become an email spammer for selling Viagra. You are probably thinking "what?" at this point so let me explain. Discourse features a email option that sends an email to everyone of your users/subscribers with a forum roll of some new threads on your forum. The problem is the spam protection on discourse currently is so minimal, that you are bound to have a bad day and well send off a few emails featuring Viagra. Now why does this become bad? First off because it highlights your email (noreply@example.com) as being fishy looking. Worse off then this, is the fact that they suggest you use Mandrillapp.com which has its own content review section..... and sadly leads to you becoming slowly rated as email spammer. Note the image below.


    Each of the quick downward changes in the line are events where my forum emailed its forum roll. As you can see it quickly ate me down and threw me into the poor category... wonderful! The link provided for details on why "my rating is poor" can be found here. Which pretty much states that I am linking to known bad domains, which well were little blurbs in topics, that were posted by spammers...

    So all in all, if you are going to run a discourse forum you need to do a few things. One keep spam down, and mitigate it quickly. Two, make sure that you delete any spammer users, so you don't send to a bunch of non-existent users. (now to prevention, and suggestion) Three, sign up for cloudflare and use cloudflare on a high setting to protect your forum from spammers. Four, figure out how to install some sort of spam blocker on discourse.

    However, all in all discourse was an interesting and fresh forum, just sadly with a lot of issues of forums of the past.Before, I go, I'd like to highlight one major great thing!!! Discourse doesn't publish a user list, thus preventing a good chunk of forum spam that relies on links in the users info page.


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