[DISC-FF] DB Flame Thrower Sound Fix

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Mun, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    Their is this annoying fire noise on DIC-FF DB servers and below I will show you how to fix.


    Moderate computer experience.
    Sound Fix Files :: http://cdn.content-network.net/Mun/apps/disc-ff-db-sound-fix/disc-ff-db-sound-fix.zip


    Step 1: Launch your Steam library by right clicking the steam icon and then selecting "Library".

    Step 2: Right Click Team Fortress 2 and then click "Properties".

    Step 3: Click the "Local Files" tag and then Click "Browse Local Files".

    Step 4: A Explorer window should pop up and then select the "tf" folder, if it doesn't repeat the steps starting at step 1.


    Step 5: Now select the "download" folder.

    Step 6: Now select the "maps" folder.

    Step 7: Download the DISC-FF DB Sound Fix Files and copy the contents of the zip file into the "maps" folder.

    Step 8: If it prompts you to overwrite files, select "Don't Copy" for all files.

    Step 9: Launch TF2 and enjoy peace and quiet!

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  2. Vespero

    Vespero New Member

    Jew has already made a fix for this that can be used to the whole server, but it requires adding a few things to the download table.
    Sadly with this fix, it only works client-side so people who have not done this can still cause the sound for the people who have done this.
  3. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    Yes, I heard about Jew's fix when I asked why it had not been fixed already. As such I made a client option so the client could fix the issue without having to wait for DISC-FF to install the fix on the server.

    However you are wrong on people without the fix causing the issue with the clients whom have the fix. This fix will fix the client with the installed fix even if someone else on the server doesn't have the fix.

  4. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    .... Need to fix quote bubble, will do when I have a chance.
  5. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    :) fixed!

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