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    So first off, here is our first post. This little blog will be centered around technology. This first post will be centered on a chat I had 2 weeks ago with at&t support. In the support call the wonderfully annoying automated machine asked “Have you restarted the computer?” which I replied “no” and it said “please call back once you have restarted your machine.” First off as a computer tech that was highly annoying since I had already tested the computer, the network, the cables, and finally come to the conclusion it was the router. Thus I called at&t to get it replaced. However, quick trick say ” I want to talk to a representative.” and boom it will connect you to a living person. Woot!

    However, the main point of this conversation is back to why would they really ask “Did you restart your computer?” It is even joked about in a bunch of internet videos. Like such:

    Yet, why is this the case, why ask over a “thousand times a day” to have your computer turned off and on again. Well it is a rather simple answer that leads to a ton more really techy jargon, but simply put, it refreshes everything from “scratch.” Thus it is a quick fix for a good number of issues that may arise. For example, I can’t get to google.com. Could be a DNS issue, so when you restart it is refreshed the DNS and boom you have google.com again. Another example is for your internet connection. You have a laptop and you walked all around the house and went way out of range of the wireless and then come back into its wireless area. Yet it didn’t connect because it gave up for the time being. Thus a restart fixes the issue because it initializes the connect again. Yet why is this so simple and why should you do it if you have a problem. Well as a computer is on more and more, things get more and more sketchy. Most manufactures can’t leave and test a computer on for more then 200 days as the product would already be outdated by then so they can’t test it at such long periods. Another reason is that simply somethings simply get out of sync, such as the Patriot Missile System: (It will being talking about the Patriot after the Ariane 5 rocket.)

    Thus just like the Patriot Missile system, restarts help by refreshing everything to a more function state by clearing discrepancies.

    So the next time that you have an issue with your computer, try giving it a restart before calling IT.

    This post is from http://www.didyoutryrestartingit.com/ which has been moved here for consolidation purposes, original post date: October 8, 2012 at 10:26 pm

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