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    As an update, BlueVM has been bought by ChicagoVPS, and it is no longer suggestible to purchase any BlueVM product.


    Dear User,

    We're really excited to share an excellent deal on our BLUE2 VPS. You can feel special because you're hearing about it first in this email! For the month of September we're featuring some amazing deals on our BLUE2 plans; on top of our already great offer we're going to turn it up a notch for our existing clients with a special coupon to go along with it! Keep reading...

    BLUE2 Plan Features:
    512 MB of Guaranteed RAM
    512 MB of Swap
    2 CPU @ 2.0+ Ghz
    1 IPv4 Address
    25 GB of Disk
    1 TB of Bandwidth
    Order at:

    Normal Price:
    Quarterly Price: $6.99 $5.24
    Semiannual Price: $13.99 $10.49
    Annual Price: $19.95 $14.96

    For 25% OFF USE COUPON CODE: SeptemberBLUE2

    The coupon code can be used for 25% off one time for any length of time listed above. That means you can get a BLUE2 for $14.96 for the first year! Now that is a smoking hot deal.

    As always let us know if we can provide any custom packages, we're always happy to work with our customers to fit your specific needs.

    Best Regards,
    BlueVM Staff
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