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    So recently I was having some major issues with one of my database servers and I finally came to the conclusion it was time for a move, but where to? How much would it cost?

    So lets setup the back story, I run and as you can see by the name it is about gaming. runs 17 Team Fortress 2 servers with a max capacity of 400 users. Now though this isn’t massively large like other networks, it isn’t small either. To help keep track of players, and allow for players to see how well they are in comparison I setup a stats system and for the most part it was running great, though I do admit it took awhile to finally get it where it is today. The stats system is based on Hlxce and is located at In any case the server where the database was hosted in Chicago, where my host decided to have an off day and leave my server off for ~3 hours. I contacted them and contacted them and they just wouldn’t answer back, so I decided I needed to move the server.


    Basic info on database:

    Database: Mysql Myisam

    Size: ~700MB

    Tables: ~100

    Though this is a small database, it is still a large one in comparison to most peoples. I don’t like to host this database on my main web servers, as frankly it’s not its job, and for security reason. So I will need another host, but who could there be? Well if you simple look for VPS, or Virtual Private Server, you will find tons, but lets narrow this down. First figure out where your server is located, in my case Fremont,CA.

    So I need to find something close to here, but how close? Well this is a really good question, as frankly you could have your host in Germany and yes the server would still run, but would be rather slow. The reason is not so much the server as you could have a super computer in Germany and it would still lag, but rather the time of transit for the information i.e. ping. Actually beyond the fact of making sure the server is up to spec. the ping will be the second most import part. For example lets say you found a host with a ~50 ping from your web server. This would mean at minimum, not including processing there would be a .1 second time to get the information from the database. Though this doesn’t sound to slow, and maybe even fast to you, it isn’t because most of the time, we will need multiple transits, leading to an even greater wait time, and since the program can’t build the page until it has the full information from the database the page will take even longer to load. Upwards of 2 to 3 seconds on a good day. Now you may be going pssshhh, 2 to 3 seconds, that isn’t bad at all, but as a note to any web site creator, the faster the better. Google ranks is partially determined by load times and people on the internet don’t like to wait at all. So the faster it goes, the higher the ranking and the more visitors you will have. So in actuality we want a host that has < 10ms response time, so pretty much anywhere within a ~100 mile radius should do fine. However, make sure you check this against the server by simply pinging one of the new hosts test servers, before purchasing. You will have to look around, or even contact the host, but it is a great step, and needed step, before you purchase something that might be slower then molasses. After testing for the ping check the throughput to the server by downloading a large file from the new hosts test server. They usually have this functionality as well as the ping test. If it all checks out to you then go go go. You got the new database server for you.

    For my stats move, I used: and have less then a half second response time for page loads, which is wonderful. In total the new server costs ~$10 a month and will probably receive ~500K queries a month.

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