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Fact Finding... Unsilence - Angel Ambrosius

Discussion in 'Bans / Unbans' started by Angel Ambrosius, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Angel Ambrosius

    Angel Ambrosius New Member

    Username: †Angel Ambrosius†
    Steam_Id: STEAM_0:0:100631185

    Description: All I did was say that those were a bunch of month long mutes and gags and got silenced for a month by someone named mono for it. I just came here looking for some fun and friends, and that happens. Am I not allowed to talk about punishments or something? Like, what the heck :/
  2. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    I am sorry to hear about this. I will unsilence you ASAP along with everybody else who was silenced as it has been requested from G-S.N's owner

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