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Discussion in 'Report Issues / Get Support' started by ⎝єw Sɲɲɪpєɾɱαɪɲ⎠, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Dear Munzy, I've been using the shooting star and it only does 100 dmg for a fully charged shot, it is very annoying and I want you to please change the dmg to 450 on a fully charged shot, 150 dmg for 0% charged shot etc. Please fix this!
  2. Flashbackmaniac

    Flashbackmaniac (G-S.N) Admin

    That would require editing the VSH code itself. The last update to the VSH plugin was in September, 2015. Since then, weapons added such as the Shooting Star and the C.A.P.P.E.R. are not given their respective traits, for the plugin was updated before those weapons existed. I could go and update the code itself, but given how messy it is, it's going to be quite difficult to find the part that multiplies the sniper rifle's damage.
  3. Ok, so it's not possible?

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